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get coconuts in Breakwaters?

How to get coconuts in Breakwaters

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To get coconuts in Breakwaters, it is important to assault a tree collectively alongside collectively alongside together with your firsts or an equipable weapon, very similar to a stick or an axe. When the primary blow has been struck, the tree”s precisely being bar will seem, and you want to to keep up up whaling on it, and in some unspecified time lastly, coconuts will seem on the underside beside it.

They will not drop immediately, or most probably in no way. You merely ought to maintain attacking each tree. Almost undoubtedly, you’ll get between one and two coconuts per tree. It’s pointless to deplete the tree’s precisely being bar due to the tree would not explode into provides. Instead, it falls to the underside in an effort to reap it some extra with a selected system.

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Coconuts are primarily used to quench your thirst to refill your thirst gauge, they usually furthermore do that at +5 per coconut. They’re utilized in just a few early crafting recipes for creating armor, such as a result of Bone Armor and Bamboo Armor. Nevertheless alas, as rapidly as they’re made, you would possibly presumably solely use coconuts till you would possibly presumably create one problem bigger that quenches your first much more.

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