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Copyright and Privacy Policy As, we respect personal security rights and companies’ copyrights, and ensure the protection of your personal information. Our site continues its publication life by aiming to respect the laws of the Republic of Turkey and the law, and to respect personal and commercial rights.

We provide services as “Location Provider” within the scope of the law numbered 5651 of the T.C. Accordingly, the site management and employees have no obligation to control or approve the contents. The content can be created by anyone originally, the site administration is obliged to take action after the complaint.

For this reason, our site operates within the framework of the “warn and delete” principles. If you think that text, content, pictures and all kinds of files and works that are copyrighted in accordance with this article are illegally published or shared; You can reach us via e-mail.

You can request removal of the content. After your request is reviewed, your content will be permanently removed from our site and you will be informed. For copyright, warning and warning, our e-mail address is contact:
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