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Mobile Electrician Pro v5.0 [Paid] [Latest] – IndirPremium

Primary electrical calculations in your cell phone.
The PRO model of Mobile Electrician has no adverts.

The app consists of:
Ohm’s legislation for direct present.
Ohm’s legislation for alternating present.
LC resonance calculator.
Y-Δ transformation.
Electrical power calculator.
present density.
Primary transformer calculations.
Connection of capacitors.
capacitive reactance.
Run a 3-part motor with a single part.
Capacitive voltage divider.
Capacitor Cost / Power Calculator.
Capacitor alphanumeric markers.
connection of resistors.
voltage divider.
LED resistor.
Decode the ribbon resistors.
Code the ribbon resistors.
Wheatstone Bridge Calculator.
Alphanumeric resistance markers.
conductor resistance.
ladder size.
Conductor cross-part (in line with components).
voltage drop.
Electrical resistance and conductivity.
Cable with inductive reactance.
Most ladder size.
Calculation ampere motor.
computing energy engine.
Calculation of kVa (3 phases) motor.
Calculation of the ability issue (3 phases).
calculation effectivity.
Motor slip calculation.
Calculation of engine torque.
Individually compensated three-part asynchronous motors.
Calculation of motor energy for centrifugal pump.
Calculation of engine energy for piston compressors.
Calculation of motor energy for the fan.
Unbalance of three-part motor voltage.
Unbalance of the three-part motor present.
Permissible present carrying capability for cables (PUE – Guidelines for the upkeep {of electrical} installations).
Wire Dimension Calculator (PUE).
Motor safety (PUE).
Most line size of the circuit (PUE).
Most present carrying capability (PUE).
Allowable Ampacity for Cables (Nationwide Electrical Code).
Wire Dimension Calculator (NEC).
Most line size of {the electrical} circuit (NEC).
Most Present Carrying Capability (NEC).
Permissible present carrying capability for cables (Canadian Electrical Code).
Wire Dimension Calculator (CEC).
Most Circuit Conductor Size (CEC).
Most present carrying capability (CEC).
Permissible present carrying capability for cables IEC 60364-5-52 (Worldwide Electrotechnical Fee).
Wire Dimension Calculator (IEC).
Most circuit conductor size (IEC).
Most present carrying capability (IEC).
Minimal ranges of brief-circuit present.
Calculate fuse.
leakage present.
Heating factor use Nichrome.
Calculation for sizing a generator in your residence.
Calculate the variety of cables that slot in a tube.
IP code.
capability of the cable drum.
Size of cable on a reel.
conversion wire measurement.
Conversion: lively energy – lively energy – reactive energy.
Calculation of the reactive energy compensation.
Translations AWG (American Wire Gauge) to inches, millimeters, sq. millimeters and again.
Conversion cos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ).
Conversion of temperature models.
Conversion of distance models.
Conversion of stress models.
Circulate conversion models.
Quantity conversion models.
Conversion voltage (peak – RMS-..)
Items of conversion of power.
Conversion SI prefixes.

On-line and offline handbook (NEC 2011, PUE Ukraine, PUE Russia and extra..).
On-line and offline search in handbook.
Save the results of a calculation in HTML format after which view and ship it.
There’s a separate assist for every calculation.
Software for darkish and lightweight themes.

When you like the appliance, please charge it.

what’s new
Added to the Different part:
Calculation of grounding conductors.
Updating the IP code.
replace themes.
Some calculations have been up to date.
Extra modifications and enhancements.
Fault has been corrected.



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